SAPC - Pharmaciae eVol8 No1 Feb 2021
As of 2020, all practising pharmacists registered with the SAPC must complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) entries online to remain designated as practising on the register of pharmacists. To ease the process and to make the CPD system more accessible to all, the SAPC has launched a Registration App for mobile devices.

Compliance with the 2020 CPD requirements

On 03 July 2020, the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) published a Board Notice (BN82/2020) guiding the profession on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in terms of Regulation 5(1) of the Regulations relating to continuing professional development (GNR 668, published on 17 May 2019).

This document elaborates how registered persons can identify their learning needs, how to access the CPD recording system, how to complete CPD activities and the due dates for the completion of the annual declarations and the CPD activities.

Update on the progress

Pharmacists were required to complete their annual declarations by 01 May 2020 and up to date 86% of pharmacists completed their annual declarations. We would like to encourage the pharmacists who have not yet completed their annual declarations to do so as soon as possible. Those who did not complete the annual declaration by 1 May, have been auto-designated as practising as mandated by the regulations.

Out of the 86% that completed their annual declarations, 49% have already completed CPD activities and 14% of them are already compliant with their CPD requirements for 2020. Council wishes to congratulate all those who are already compliant with their CPD requirements.

At the moment, Council does not assess CPD activities by pharmacists for competence but monitors compliance of submission of activities as required.

The grace periods

Council has offered the profession a grace period of 4 months to comply with the CPD requirements. The grace period ends on the 30th April of the subsequent year, after which the non-compliant pharmacists will be designated as non-practising. However, you are encouraged to comply with all the CPD requirements by the 31st December to avoid delays in compliance for the next year.

The registration mobile application

The SAPC Registration mobile application (App) was launched on 09 November 2020 to enable registered persons to complete CPD activities on the go, to have access to registration information and to amend personal details.

The App may be downloaded to Android smartphones or devices from the Google Play Store. The Office of the Registrar is currently undertaking a process to ensure the availability of the App on the Apple iStore; as such, registered persons with iOS devices will soon also have access to the app. In the interim, pharmacists without Android device can continue to access the CPD system using their computer or smartphone browser.

The mobile App is downloadable on Google Play by typing ‘SAPC Registration’. Once downloaded, the P Number and the password used to access the SAPC secure site should be used to login into the App.

Queries regarding the App may be emailed to or you may call our contact centre during office hours on 0861 72 7200.


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