SAPC Registrations
The practise of the calling of Pharmacy is reserved only for duly qualified and registered persons. Any unqualified and unregistered person found attempting to practise Pharmacy in South Africa would face criminal prosecution while those that allowed such person to practise will be subjected to disciplinary action.

Unregistered foreign-qualified pharmacy professionals may not practise pharmacy in South Africa

Only persons holding pharmacy qualifications obtained in South Africa are eligible to perform the scope of practice of either a pharmacist or pharmacy support personnel following completion of pre-registration requirements and/or one-year’s community service. All persons holding pharmacy qualification obtained outside South Africa are prohibited, in terms of the Pharmacy Act and related regulations, to work as pharmacists or support personnel unless so approved by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC).

According to Regulation 13(2) of the Regulations relating to registration of persons and maintenance of registers, any person who holds a qualification in pharmacy obtained outside South Africa may apply to the registrar for registration as a pharmacist and will not be registered until his/her application has been approved by the SAPC.

In terms of Section 2(13)(1) of the Pharmacy Act, no person shall be entitled to provide the services which form part of the services specially pertaining to the scope of practice of a pharmacist or assist therewith, unless he or she is duly registered in one of the categories prescribed in terms of this Act. It is therefore, unlawful and a punishable offence for persons with qualifications obtained outside South Africa to practice the scope of practice of a pharmacist or pharmacy support personnel without being registered as such with the SAPC.

The SAPC will take disciplinary action against any responsible pharmacist who allows an unregistered person to perform the scope of practice of a pharmacist in a pharmacy. Criminal charges will also be instituted against any person with a qualification obtained outside South Africa who is found performing the scope of practice of a pharmacist in a pharmacy.

Foreign-qualified professionals wishing to practise pharmacy in the country should apply to the SAPC for recognition and registration and ensure that they submit all relevant documents within six (6) of making an application. Pharmacist candidates will be required to sit for and pass the professional examination and undergo pharmacy internship in a registered training pharmacy. Accepted pharmacy support personnel candidates are required to register for and pass a Pharmacy Law and Ethics module prior to being registered to practise.

More details on the recognition and registration of foreign qualified persons (South African nationals and foreign nationals), visit the Foreign-qualified Persons Portal on the SAPC website at:


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