Annual Fee Payment Reminder

Fees Payable to Council (SAPC)

The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) reminds professionals that all 2019 annual fees are now overdue. The last due date for 2019 fees was 1 July 2019. Failure to pay annual fees may result in deregistration.

September is Pharmacy Month: Mental illness can be treated

Pharmacy Month - Mental Illness

The South African Pharmacy Council in partnership with the National Department of Health, Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa and Independent Community Pharmacists Association is excited to announce that the theme for Pharmacy Month 2019 is “Mental illness can be treated – Ask your pharmacist for advice”.

Illegible Prescriptions – the Pharmacist’s Dilemma

RX - Pharmacist’s Dilemma

Pharmacy professionals across the country often get presented with ineligible prescriptions, as a direct result of this, patient care and service delivery are negatively impacted. But the results could be dire. Nhlanhla Mafarafara takes stock of the risks of attempting to decipher an ineligible handwriting through social media.

Keep your information safe

Contact Information Safety

In a digital age, with private information being stored electronically, it is important to ensure that your information remains safe. Update your details and password on the SAPC website now and ensure your profile’s security.

What’s new in legislation?

Changes in Legislation

Legislation is continually changing and being updated. The South African Pharmacy Council endeavours to include all legislative changes and additions relating to the pharmacy industry in each edition of the ePharmaciae. This edition looks at the legislation published from October 2018 to July 2019.

Council takes action against pharmacies that fail to meet standards


In the interest of protecting the image of the pharmacy profession, the South African Pharmacy Council is taking action against pharmacies who fail to meet the standards outlined in the Rules relating to Good Pharmacy Practice, with pharmacists being removed from the register and recommendations being made to the Director-General: Department of Health to withdraw pharmacy licenses. Are you compliant?