Fees Payable to Council (SAPC)
The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) reminds professionals that all 2019 annual fees are now overdue. The last due date for 2019 fees was 1 July 2019. Failure to pay annual fees may result in deregistration.

Annual Fee Payment Reminder

In terms of Regulation 106 of the Regulations relating to the registration of persons and the maintenance of registers, every person registered in terms of the regulations must renew such registration annually by paying the annual fee(s) as determined by Council. The annual fee due dates each year are as follows:

Fees Payable to Council - Reminder

In terms of Section 23 (d) of the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974, a person may be removed from the register if they have failed to pay to the Council within three months as from the date on which it became due for payment, any prescribed annual fee.

It is important to note that all annual fees for the year 2019 should already be paid. Failure to pay an annual fee may result in removal from the register. Should you have been removed from the register due to non-payment of annual fees and wish to be reinstated on the register, you will be required to pay the annual fee for the year in which you were de-registered for non-payment, a restoration fee, as well as the annual fee for the year in which you are registering.

The South African Pharmacy Council does send out reminders of annual fees due via SMS and e-mail, according to the information provided on the register. It remains the responsibility of the individual to ensure that their contact information (i.e. cell phone number and e-mail address) is correct on the register at all times. You are able to update your information via your secure profile on the SAPC website.

To view the fees payable for 2019 click here.

South African Pharmacy Council Bank details
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa
Name of beneficiary: South African Pharmacy Council
Bank account number: 011885866
Branch code: 010145
Payment/beneficiary reference: Your account number with Council*

*Your account number is alpha–numeric:
Persons: P-number (P followed by a 5-digit number)
Pharmacy: Y-number (Y followed by a 5-digit number)
Provider: R-number (R followed by a 5-digit number)

Should you have any queries regarding your account with Council or should you wish to update your details, please contact Customer Care on 0861 7272 00.


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