Appointments and Promotions
The South African Pharmacy Council staff compliment has grown quite a bit in the past six months, with a new business unit being introduced in the Professional Affairs Department and a full cleaning staff being in-sourced to save on outsourcing costs, as well as several other critical roles being filled. We are very excited to welcome all these new faces to our family and we are sure they will strive to provide the best possible service to the pharmacy profession on behalf of Council.

Appointments, promotions and resignations

An engaged, dedicated and competent staff complement is the life force of every progressive organisation. The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) is no different. We aim to attract, retain, and nurture the best talent from the South African labour market to help us in achieving our vision to take the pharmacy profession forward and deliver accessible quality pharmaceutical services for all. It gives us great joy to announce the promotion of four staff members to positions in Professional Affairs (CPD & Registrations), Finance, and Communication & Stakeholder Relations, as well as the appointment of eight new staff members in the Finance, Professional Affairs (CPD & Registrations), Legal Services & Professional Conduct, and Communication & Stakeholder Relations departments. Further to these, seven previously outsourced cleaners were insourced at a notable reduction in costs.


SAPC Employee

Annah Malatji


Annah Malatji is a newly appointed cleaner. She joined Council on 1 December 2018. Before joining Council, Annah worked as a cleaner at SuperCare. She has over 12 years of cleaning experience.

“Dream it. Believe it. Build it,” is the motto Annah lives by.

SAPC Employee

Sophy Masehela


Sophy Masehela is a newly appointed cleaner at Council, having joined the staff in January 2019. Her responsibilities include cleaning the offices, reception area and bathrooms, preparing boardrooms for meetings, and preparing tea and coffee for meetings and visitors.

Prior to joining the SAPC, Sophy was employed as a security officer with ADT, during which time she also performed the duties of a receptionist. She has a PSIRA Certificate (Grade C) and a HAVATEC Certificate.

Sophy says, “It is an honour to work at the South African Pharmacy Council and I hope I make an effective contribution to this organisation.”


Dingane Makgalancheche


Dingane Makgalancheche joined the SAPC as part of the maintenance team in February 2018. Prior to this, he worked for Potgieter Marais Attorneys. Dingane assists with maintenance and general cleaning work at the SAPC’s office in Hatfield. He enjoys playing soccer in his spare time.

Dingane is very happy to be a member of the SAPC team and is a committed team player.

SAPC Employee

Martha Nchabeleng


Martha Nchabeleng joined the SAPC’s cleaning team in February 2018. She is based at the SAPC’s Hatfield office where she is responsible for cleaning tasks and for preparing the boardrooms for meetings. Martha previously worked for Potgieter Marais Attorneys. Martha enjoys dancing and having fun. She believes in doing everything with a smile and an open heart.

SAPC Employee

Dikeledi Zungu


Dikeledi Zungu was appointed as a cleaner with the SAPC in December 2018, having previously worked for SuperCare. Dikeledi is responsible for cleaning the offices and preparing boardrooms for meetings at the SAPC’s Hatfield office. She believes that wasted talent can never be regained and is therefore determined not to waste her talents in life.

SAPC Employee

Agnes Nekhavhambe


Agnes Nekhavhambe joined the SAPC staff as a cleaner in December 2018. Her responsibilities include cleaning offices, preparing boardrooms for meetings and ensuring that refreshments are available for meetings and visitors. Agnes was previously a cleaner at SuperCare. Agnes’ motto in life is, “Hard work always pays off.”

SAPC Employee

Thapelo Macheke


Thapelo Macheke was appointed to the SAPC cleaning staff in December 2018. Thapelo had previously worked as a cleaner for SuperCare. His responsibilities include cleaning of offices, bathrooms and boardrooms, preparing boardrooms and supplying refreshments for meetings.

“New challenges excite me and I enjoy being part of a team. I believe in continually learning in order to be the best at what I do,” says Thapelo.

SAPC Employee

Paulinah Makwela

Finance Officer

Paulinah Makwela joined the South African Pharmacy Council in April 2016 as a Finance Intern. Her responsibilities included reconciling customer accounts, communicating with customers regarding accounts due for payment, as well as processing supplier invoices and claim forms.

Paulinah was permanently appointed as a Finance Officer in March 2019 and is now responsible for evaluating and reconciliation of debtors aged analysis reports against dashboard, payments received, invoicing, refunds and duplications. She also confirms that applications have been correctly invoiced and the funds correctly allocated, as well as processing the restoration of members to the register.

She holds a National Diploma in Financial Management from Tshwane North College. Paulinah believes that energy and persistence can conquer all problems and with that attitude, sterling customer service can be ensured.

SAPC Employee

Botlenyana Mokoatle

Contact Centre Agent

Botlenyana Mokoatle joined the SAPC on 4 February 2019 as a Contact Centre Agent. Her key responsibilities include assisting clients with queries and creating new cases for processing. Her previous experience as a call centre agent required her to track client orders and advise clients on credit and outstanding balances.

Botlenyana’s motto is, “Work smart, not hard.”

SAPC Employee

Daniel Boya

Contact Centre Agent

Daniel Boya joined the SAPC in March 2019. His responsibilities include the professional handling of inbound queries via telephone and e-mail.

Prior to joining Council, Daniel worked as a Contact Centre Agent at Metropolitan Health. He holds a National Diploma in Journalism from the Tshwane University of Technology.

Daniel says he is looking forward to this new and exciting challenge.

SAPC Employee

Thembelihle Malahlela

Contact Centre Agent

Thembelihle Malahlela joined the SAPC in March 2019 as a Contact Centre Agent. Her responsibilities include providing excellent customer care to all stakeholders.

Before joining the SAPC, Thembelihle worked as a Client Service Consultant at Universal Healthcare.

“It is an honour for me to work at the South African Pharmacy Council, and I hope to make an effective contribution to this organisation,” says Thembelihle.

SAPC Employee

Alfred Dooka

Contact Centre Agent

Alfred Dooka joined the SAPC in February 2019 as a Contact Centre Agent. His responsibilities include providing excellent customer service to all stakeholders by resolving queries and processing applications.

Alfred previously worked in customer service at the South African Payment Exchange and is currently completing a Higher Certificate in Economics & Management Sciences through UNISA.

His motto is, “He who speaks does not know and he who knows does not speak.”

SAPC Employee

Gregory Kgaladi

Logistics Practitioner

Gregory Kgaladi is the newly appointed Logistics Practitioner. He joined the SAPC in April 2019 and is responsible for the operational supervision of the logistics unit of Council. Before joining the SAPC, he worked as an Operations Supervisor at DSV South Africa (formerly known as UTi), where he was responsible for the effective and efficient supply of clients goods to top car dealers and manufacturers around South Africa and across the borders.

Gregory holds a National Diploma in Purchasing Management from Pretoria Technikon, an Advanced Programme in Sourcing and Supply Chain Management from UNISA, and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Logistics Management from Tshwane University of Technology.

Gregory’s motto is, “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.”

SAPC Employee

Kgotsuko Maloka

Manager: Professional Affairs (CPD & Registrations)

Kgotsuko Maloka joined the SAPC on 1 July 2019 in the capacity of Manager: Professional Affairs in the CPD & Registrations unit. He previously worked at the South African National Defence Force, particularly the South African Military Health Services, as a Responsible Pharmacist for Molopo Military Sick Bay Pharmacy in Mahikeng. His primary responsibilities there included management and general administration of the pharmacy, procurement of medication for SANDF members (families and veterans), and the provision of pharmaceutical services to SANDF members.

He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Limpopo (Turfloop Campus) and is currently working towards completing his Master of Pharmacy degree through North West University.

Kgotsuko hopes to contribute immensely to the profession and the SAPC, working tirelessly with his colleagues to uphold national and international standards for the advancement of the pharmacy profession. “Passion is a catalyst to what I do every day. Strive to be yourself at all times in order to fulfil your purpose in life. If you are not yourself, who will you be? We all have the strength within us to fulfil our purposes,” says Kgotsuko.

SAPC Employee

Ntsako Ngobeni

Professional Conduct Practitioner

Ntsako Ngobeni joined the SAPC in February 2019 as a Professional Conduct Practitioner. She is a highly self-disciplined, dedicated and detail-focussed attorney with four years post-qualification experience in litigation, legal drafting and legal advisory.

Prior to joining Council, Ntsako worked as an attorney at Rahman and Rahman Attorneys. She is excited to be a part of the South African Pharmacy Council family and looks forward to making a positive impact on the pharmacy industry through her work in the Legal Services & Professional Conduct unit.


SAPC Employee

Ziyanda Mfuku

Senior Manager: Professional Affairs (CPD & Registrations)

Ziyanda Mfuku joined the SAPC in February 2017 as a Manager: Professional Affairs (CPD & Registrations). She had previously held this position from March 2012 until August 2015. In this position she was responsible for the monitoring and compliance of pharmacies in line with GPP, the management of the process and activities involved in the pre-registration year for pharmacists, the management of registrations of persons, course providers and pharmacies, and the amendments and maintenance to the registers of persons and organisations.

Ziyanda holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, as well as an MBA from UNISA School of Business Leadership. Before rejoining the SAPC, Ziyanda was a pharmaceutical policy specialist (HAST Directorate) at the Eastern Cape Department of Health.
On 1 March 2019, Ziyanda was promoted to the position of Senior Manager: Professional Affairs (CPD & Registrations). She has embraced the immense responsibility of her new role with enthusiasm and says that her motto in life is, “Never, ever give up. If it doesn’t work the first time, regroup, and work on it again. There is always a way.”

SAPC Employee

Neo Ramokoka

Communication & Media Officer

Neo Ramokoka joined the SAPC in December 2014 on a temporary basis as a Contact Centre Agent. She was then permanently employed on 1 March 2016.

Her responsibilities as a Contact Centre Agent included the handling of incoming and outgoing calls, interacting with internal and external stakeholders, and creating cases to be processed.

Neo was promoted to Communication & Media Officer on 1 March 2019. She holds a National Diploma: Public Relations from Tshwane North College and a National Diploma: Public Relations Management from the University of South Africa. Neo is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Technology: Public Relations Management through Tshwane University of Technology.  Her motto in life is, “Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who wait, and the best things come to those who don’t give up.”

SAPC Employee

Tebogo Mnisi

Secretarial Support Officer: Professional Affairs (CPD & Registrations)

Tebogo Mnisi joined the SAPC in 2012 as an Intern Contact Centre Agent, as part of a Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) funded in-service training programme. She was soon appointed in a permanent capacity in 2014 due to her diligence, hard work and professionalism.

Her responsibilities as a Contact Centre Agent included the handling of incoming and outgoing calls, interacting with internal and external stakeholders, and creating cases to be processed.Tebogo was promoted to Secretarial Support Officer: Professional Affairs (CPD & Registrations) on 1 January 2019. Her responsibilities now include providing administrative and secretarial support to the Senior Manager: Professional Affairs (CPD & Registrations) and the division, in order to achieve optimal functioning within the Office of the Registrar. Tebogo holds a Diploma in Management Assistance.

Boipelo Swaratlhe

Financial Controller: Creditors

Boipelo Swaratlhe joined the SAPC in July 2015 as a Finance Accounts Officer. His role included capturing invoices on the financial systems and recalculating claims.

He was promoted to Financial Controller: Creditors on 1 January 2019 and his responsibilities now include reconciling suppliers’ sub-ledgers, cashbooks and trial balance control accounts. Boipelo holds a National Diploma in Accounting from Boston Business College and is currently working towards his Bachelor of Accounting Science degree through UNISA. “I am happy to be a part of this organisation and will continue to do my job in a way that uphold the profession and promotes the image of the Council,” says Boipelo.

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