SAPC - Pharmaciae eVol8 No1 - 2021
As the Registrar for 16 years, Mr Amos Masango, bids farewell to SAPC at the end of January 2021, the Senior Managers pay tribute to their leader and mentor on behalf of all the staff at the SAPC.

Farewell, Mr. Masango

“Cheers to your well-earned retirement! You’ve worked a lot in your lifetime. So it’s time for you to relax and enjoy playing golf. The office will never be the same without you.” – Ms Mojo Mokoena, Senior Manager: Professional Affairs – Practice

“Through the years of working under the leadership of Mr Masango, I have learnt the life-long lesson of being calm and patient in all circumstances, the more challenging, the more turbulent, the more the need for calm and patient leadership. Mr Masango has always had an open-door policy, where you can freely express opinions, share ideas and know that you are being listened to. In this regard I can describe Mr Masango as humble and understanding. It has been a learning experience and a pleasure having a leader such as Mr Masango, who at all times has lived and been an example of the core values of the South African Pharmacy Council.” – Ms Debbie Hoffmann, Senior Manager: Company Secretary and Legal Services

“Mr Masango it was a privilege to work with you and support you on the Communication and Stakeholder Relations side since 2004. I wish you all the best in this new season of your life. Enjoy every moment and know that we will miss you.” – Ms Elmari Venter, Senior Manager: Communications & Stakeholder Relations

“It has been a great pleasure working with you Ntate Masango for the 4 years I have been at SAPC. You have led Council Administration with diligence, embraced everyone and made the office a first-choice place of work. I will forever cherish the words of wisdom you shared personally and career-wise, the lessons were priceless.

Your impact went far beyond SAPC and your absence will be felt by all of us in the months to come. I wish you all the luck with your future endeavours, happy retirement! Mudzimu a vha fhatutshedze.” – Mr Clement Manenzhe, Senior Manager: IT

“I wish Mr Masango well in his new journey of retirement. He has been a good leader, willing to listen, always ready to teach. Thank you for serving the profession. God bless you.” – Ms Ziyanda Mfuku, Senior Manager: Professional Affairs – CPD & Registrations

“It has been a pleasure and a joy to work under the expert leadership of Mr Masango for the past several years. In Human Resources, it is important to have a leadership that truly cares about the employees, and Mr Masango has always been just that. His dedication to the pharmacy profession and all who serve it has been exemplary and we will miss him dearly. We wish you all the best in your retirement, Mr Masango, and thank you for all the lessons you have taught us.” – Mr John Mashishi, Senior Manager: Human Resources

“Words cannot express my gratitude to you for what you have done for the pharmacy profession and on a personal note, for the support you have given me over the years. I wish you all of the very best and I will not say goodbye, but so long.” – Ms Hlone Masiza, Senior Manager: Professional Affairs – Education

“Congratulations on your retirement Ntate Masango. What I will miss about you is your professionalism, humility, calmness, and ability to support and relate to all staff members, irrespective of their position. You were a consummate listener who valued everyone’s input and encouraged us to strive for excellence. I will endeavour to put to practice some of the character traits I have learnt from you in my future engagements with people, as they have proven to be the keys to your successes and accomplishments. Thank you for being an inspiration and a shining example of a great leader. May God bless you with good health and long life. I wish you well in your retirement and your future endeavours. Enjoy the well-deserved time with your family, friends and hobbies.” – Ms Kamohelo Malaku, Senior Manager: Professional Affairs – Pre-registration & Examinations

“We thank Mr Masango for dedication and leadership during his tenure as the Registrar of the SAPC. Especially paying tribute to him for ensuring SAPC’s financial sustainability, accountability and clean audits for more than a decade, i.e., good governance. We wish him all the success in future endeavours as he retires.” – Mr Voster Himbotwe, Chief Financial Officer

SAPC - Pharmaciae eVol8 No1 Feb 2021
SAPC - Pharmaciae eVol8 No1 Feb 2021
SAPC - Pharmaciae eVol8 No1 Feb 2021

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